Armed Forces Recruit Sponsorship at CrossFit Franklin!

The goal is to allow local men and women who have joined the armed forces to train at CrossFit Franklin. We will be sponsoring these individuals and hopefully getting them ready for the rigors they may face in the real world. For more information… click the link below:

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The elements from the CrossFit day programming along with longer conditioning.

Olympic Lifting

Tune-up and improve technique for all major lifts in CrossFit.

CrossFit Striking

CrossFit Striking incorporates striking drills into CrossFit workouts so that overall fitness, core strength, and rotational power can be increased. Striking movements are some of the most functional core movements because punching and kicking with power, speed, and accuracy requires athletes to use their entire body. The Striking skills will also add variety to your workouts. A powerful blend of movements!


This 30 Minute class is designed for those who have limited time in a day and can’t commit to an hour class. Now you don’t have to say “I can’t come because I work it ..” or “I have so much going on this week, I’m not sure I will make it…”. We can help you manage it so you can still get their workout in! This class begins specific prep then you hit the WOD then hit the road all in 30 minutes. The WOD in this class is the same as the daily WOD.

Functional Performance

Do you want bigger lifts and improved skills? If so this is the class for you!This class is all about making you functionally strong aka the ability to function in everyday life as well as in the gym. Functional Performance works on accessory work to build your lifts, gymnastic skill and metabolic conditioning to make you stronger and faster. All skill levels are welcome!

Competitor Training

Do you have an upcoming competition or want to take yourself to the next level? Comp training is an advanced class that focuses on increased volume and weightlifting skill and technique. 

Women’s FIT Boxing

WOMEN’S FIT BOXING is for any woman who wants to achieve a healthier & fit body. I will teach you the foundation of boxing along with basic punching combinations each week. I promise to motivate you like no other allowing you to unleash your inner strength, melt body fat, release stress, and have a BLAST doing it! You will work the heavy bags, do mitt work, speed & agility drills, sports conditioning with a variety of equipment AND will always maintain a CORE Focus!