Services & Amenities

Because we are connected to Team Fitness Franklin members have the benefits of 2 facilities in one!!

Clean towels are complimentary for all members. These towels include those used for equipment wipe down, hand/workout towels, and shower towels. We are responsible for washing and drying the towels at our facility so we ask that you please place them in the laundry basket after completing your workout.
Our smoothies are created with fresh fruit and high quality predigested protein. The muscles in your body are over 80% protein in dry weight. If your goal is an increase of muscle then do it with our protein shakes! The whey protein in our smoothies is the most bio-available for your body. This means your body can utilize the supplementation of whey protein better than other types of protein. Our shakes are low in calories, taste great, and are a perfect way to practice beneficial post-workout nutrition.
A Steam Room is a wonderful way to help relax stiff joints and muscles after a workout and help in the recovery process.

After your workout, you can shower off in our single sex showers and leave the gym refreshed and ready to tackle the day! We do supply each shower with shampoo and body wash (and towels!)
The Kids Klubhouse is a place where parents can feel comfortable knowing that their child is safe but also that their child is having fun and making new friends.

Our Kids Klubhouse is a place where your child will be happy, and well entertained. You will find pleasure in knowing that our qualified staff is safely watching them so you can deserve some time to yourself.

The Kids Klubhouse is equipped with child-safe toys, its own child-sized bathroom and a TV with child-friendly videos.

All our Kids Klubhouse staff are CORI Certified prior to joining our team.

Due to health concerns, the Klubhouse will have certain simple rules to follow:

  • You MUST always reserve a spot for your child in the Kid’s Klubhouse before bringing them in.
  • Non-spill cups are allowed as long as they are labeled with the child’s name.
  • Bottle feeding is allowed and staff will help if not too busy.
  • Diaper changing is to be done by guardian of child as needed.
  • If child is crying for 10 minutes, we will come get you from the gym.
  • If Franklin Public Schools are closed (due to inclement weather), please call to be sure the Klubhouse is open.
  • Children are not allowed to bring snacks into the kids’ klubhouse.
We understand concerns about ill children coming to the Kids Klubhouse. We kindly ask that if your child has a fever, a continuous cough, a runny, productive nose or any other contagious illness that you do not bring them into the Klubhouse until they are better. Following this simple guideline will help keep the illnesses to a minimum. Thank you for your cooperation.

**As an extra precaution, Purell dispensers have been placed outside the Kids Klubhouse for your and your child’s use upon arrival and departure of the club.