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Looking at CrossFit – and Kindergarten?

Fitness Trainers in Franklin MA

One of the most important ideas that CrossFit programs offered in gyms across the country stresses is individuality by competing with oneself rather than the entire class. This methodology is in part what has made participating in CrossFit classes easy for experienced athletes and beginners alike. In this sense, these [...]

CrossFit Coaching – How Do You Coach Large Groups?

CrossFit Workouts in Franklin MA

One of the important factors in successful CrossFit training is knowing how to appreciate group training. This goes for participants looking for both great CrossFit workouts and CrossFit coaches, since coaches must always take into consideration that they are guiding a group and not just individuals. By using these [...]

Unraveling The CrossFit Mindset!

CrossFit Franklin in Franklin MA

CrossFit is a brand name; however, the ideas and methods behind this licensed training regimen actually have a long history. CrossFit training and the effective CrossFit workouts used in the program were developed by an athlete looking to do what everyone else was doing, which was to getting fit [...]

CrossFit Elements – It Works Best To Be Prepared!

CrossFit Franklin in Franklin MA

CrossFit is becoming an extremely popular fitness program, attracting new people every day. The goal of CrossFit training is sound and many people get great results. Yet what some people may not realize is that starting out can sometimes be more difficult than expected. CrossFit elements classes are [...]

Crossfit Training Problems? Let’s Fix Them!

CrossFit in Franklin MA

CrossFit training offers a great way for anyone to become physically fit and healthier overall. By using structured CrossFit workouts as a basis for an efficient total workout, participants can reach their fitness goals faster and easier. Yet all athletes occasionally experience trouble spots in their CrossFit training [...]

CrossFit Mental Strategies – For Everyone!

CrossFit Training in Franklin MA

CrossFit training is a workout regime that produces the ultimate in total body fitness. It is highly physical and involves a slow, gradual building of the whole body for increased strength, speed, flexibility, and coordination. Yet even though CrossFit is a body fitness plan, its success depends on [...]