CrossFit athletes did you know as a Gold Member you have access to our Kettlebell Cardio Craze class with CFF Head Coach MC every Wednesday morning 8:30-9:30am! This class will chisel your body, define your arms, and create a lean and strong body. Kettlebell Cardio Craze will tap into your fat stores because it is a form of metabolic resistance training that will turn on the metabolic furnace! Your body will be burning fat long after you’ve worked out! Kettlebell Cardio Craze is the class you want in order to burn fat and get the body-altering results you want and all with a core focus! In addition, Kettlebell Cardio Craze will tighten the posterior chain to include your glutes, hamstrings, and strengthen your lower back. This form of exercise will increase your power output, flexibility, and work capacity! Kettlebell Cardio Craze is NEVER the same and ALWAYS motivating!


CFF Head Coach MC