One of the main lessons CrossFit and similar exercise programs teach is to achieve true fitness, a workout should be a full body workout. Fitness training that includes full body exercises are generally more successful and create higher levels of fitness, much faster. Full body exercises, which are those that work muscles and joints together to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, are much more effective in attaining overall fitness. Keeping this in mind, following are a few full body activities used by CrossFit and similar exercise programs to achieve the best workout results.


Burpees are one of the more notable exercises used in total fitness exercise programs that truly give a total workout. This intense squat-thrust-jump activity can be challenging to perfect; however, the results gained cannot be denied. Starting in a standing position, squat down, then thrust the legs out behind to assume a pushup position, then stand up again. This exercise quickly builds strength by working many muscle groups at the same time.

Deadlifts and Other Weight Lifts

Deadlifts are lifting exercises where weight is lifted from the ground to the height of the thighs only. When performed correctly, deadlifts effectively work the muscles in the legs, back, arms, and shoulders. Adding to the deadlift, the clean-and-jerk, or snapping the weight up to the chest and then pushing it over the head, is another variety of weightlifting that provides a total body workout as a part of a fitness training program. The deadlift to overhead press is another similar exercise. It is important to remember that proper form is essential when performing any type of weight lifting, since improper form and lifting could cause damage to the spine.


Also called the Turkish Get-Up, get-ups are a relatively simple exercise that really works the muscles and joints. Starting from a standing position, with one arm raised upward and holding a dumbbell, move to lay down on the side using only the remaining three limbs to do so, keeping the dumbbell elevated. Then, stand back up again. As simple as this exercise may seem, after a few reps, it begins to do its work.

Pike Roll-Out

The pike roll-out is something like a super push-up as it starts in the same position and goes one step further, working all the core muscle groups. Using an exercise ball, start in the pushup position with the ball under the feet, then push up into the pike position, with the buttocks in the air. Next, level the body, rolling the ball forward to the knees, ending with the hands extended forward, rather than in push-up position. This exercise strengthens the back, arms, and legs. It has been called one of the best total body exercises by both physical therapists and sports medicine professionals.

Swing Squats

In general, squats are an excellent part of any fitness training regime. Yet when adding a bit of swing to them, they are a great total body exercise. The maneuver starts by holding a dumbbell on the ground, then squatting down with the back straight. While standing back up, the arm holding the dumbbell is swung upward, lifting the weight at the same time. When repeated quickly and explosively, switching arms to get an even workout, swing squats work the legs, arms, and back all at the same time.

Although these are only a few examples of highly effective, full body exercises that can be incorporated into any fitness training workout or exercise program, they are some of the more effective ones that get great results. To obtain the best workout results for the time and effort spent, incorporating these and other full body activities into exercise programs is important. Following in the steps of fitness training programs like CrossFit, those seeking improved strength and body fitness can achieve these goals by considering the importance of adding full body exercises into a normal training routine!

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