CrossFit training has become especially popular among fitness enthusiasts and those looking for the best overall workout for fitness and health. To many, CrossFit may seem like a cult or an obsession, and in some ways it may be. Still, there is no arguing that the benefits are great. So what is it about CrossFit that is so cult-like and drives people to join and stick with the CrossFit movement? It’s a combination of the physical results gained and the mental element that successful CrossFit training requires. It’s the inner need to exceed… and succeed!

CrossFit Gets Physical Results

The main reason why most people get involved with CrossFit is to work out and become physically stronger and healthier, which is just what this program really does deliver. Social aspect aside, the workouts are planned to offer total body fitness in gradually progressing stages. Shorter, high intensity workouts that incorporate strength training are proven to yield better and faster results due to the release of HGH (human growth hormone) and other chemical reactions in the body. This type of workout helps people to get the most from their effort and stay inspired to keep going.

CrossFit Is Social and Supportive

Unlike other types of workout regimes, whether done privately or in a class setting, CrossFit tends to be a much more social workout, offering greater support and encouragement. CrossFit training is more than just a group of people working out together and encouraging each other because it essentially requires a team effort. A team mentality helps people adopt greater feelings of responsibility for participation and doing their part to help the team achieve its goals. It provides friendship and even kinship, in such a way that CrossFit training has become the main training program used by Marines, many police academies, and other similar groups. With this kind of team camaraderie, participants are more likely to continue to see their teams succeed, which then provides the personal success being sought all along.

CrossFit Appeals to Competitiveness

Beyond the team camaraderie, much of CrossFit’s success can also be attributed to the human nature to be competitive. Competitiveness is an essential drive that human beings have possessed since the beginning of time, one that in the past has dictated who survived and who did not. This competitive nature eventually brought about organized competitions such as feats of strength and other activities that were at one time important to survival. These events gradually turned into the competitive sports of today. It is this competitive nature, and the need to exceed to win, that CrossFit training fosters, making it highly addictive for those who embrace the team aspect of this type of workout and push limits to succeed.

Considering all three of these important elements, those who participate in CrossFit training find it to be a workout like no other, with much more than just physical results to gain. The satisfaction of being an essential part of a team, and working together to win, drives CrossFit participants to push their limits and reach their goals like no other fitness regime can accomplish!

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