June 2015


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June 2015


CONGRATULATIONS Natalie – You're An Inspiration!
Natalie Riley has always been incredibly competitive; in high school she found her sport in field hockey and in college rugby. She continued playing rugby for 8 years after college with a highly competitive women’s club. After some time figuring out what the next sport was going to be Natalie starting running, quickly going from 5K’s to 10K’s to half marathons. What an accomplishment to have completed her first half marathon just after her 30th birthday!

It was around this time, her sister and a close friend encouraged her to try CrossFit knowing she would love it. Finally biting the bullet when a Groupon was offered she took a chance knowing she could walk away after the 10 class session ended. Of course, she was hooked right away! The only disappointment for Natalie was that she didn’t feel that she was good at it right away. She has been at it for about 18 months now and loves seeing all the change it has had on her body and her confidence outside of CrossFit Franklin.

As part of a 90 day challenge CrossFit/TeamFitness Franklin held, Natalie went strict paleo for 90 days and that escalated her training even further! She has set some high goals for the rest of the year and is looking forward to working with all of the coaches to make them happen. I have no doubt that Natalie will SOAR!! She has captured the essence of CrossFit’s “fit for life”.

March 2015


Paula was not an athlete growing up. In fact she was always picked last in PE! She’s always worked out but never lifted more than 15 lbs. Since joining CFF 2 years ago to try something different she is hooked! She is deadlifting 220#; front squat 135# and power clean 125#.

What has CFF done for Paula? In her own words; “First and foremost, I am leaner and have gained a crazy amount of muscle and definition. The “look” of my body has been completely transformed. I have become stronger, now lifting more than my own body weight.

Not only have I become stronger physically, I am stronger emotionally too. I am more confident in every aspect of my life. I go after challenges head on instead of avoiding them. I get out on the playground and in the backyard with my kids rather than sitting back and watching. I try to instill this confidence in my kids and show them that even when you are “tiny” you can be strong and athletic!

I have made such great friends at CFF. They encourage and believe in you way more than you believe in yourself! The part that I love the most is that NO ONE is left behind.”

February 2015


Maryalyce “MA” came to CFF over 18 months ago to get in shape and become healthier. Not only did she achieve that goal, she has exceeded her expectations to include being our FEBRUARY Athlete of the month! She moved to Franklin with her family for work and has found another family at CFF. Her dedication and perseverance has paid off in so many ways and on so many levels. MA’s accomplishments that were once a dream are now a reality!

Here are just some of her accomplishments to date: completed her first mud race, first Spartan race (Fenway sprint), first overnight NE Fitness Challenge. Her Deadlift PR is currently 215 lbs can pick up both her boys together, she mastered a beautiful squat, and the list goes on!!! She has made incredible life changes, which includes loosing 18 lbs over the last year. Every early 5:30am morning MA inspires, motivates, and believes that anything is possible. All of these are examples of how CrossFit has changed her life to expand her “family”.