What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements performed with intensity. These types of movements consist of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and much more. Crossfit is not only a workout; it is the community that it builds within each Crossfit Box.

Is Crossfit right for me? Don’t I have to be fit before I start Crossfit?

Crossfit is  suitable for all ages and physical conditions and can be scaled to any athlete. Here at Crossfit Franklin, our coaches make a point to give athletes the attention that they need to give them the best results possible.

I am a woman and I do not want to get bulky, is Crossfit right for me?

Lifting weights will not make you “bulky” and that is a common misunderstanding about Crossfit as well as with weight lifting in general. Crossfit helps you lose fat and build lean muscle, but will not make you lose your femininity. 

Why is Crossfit so expensive?

Crossfit is not your typical big box gym. Our experienced coaches will get you stronger, fitter, and more mobile with the programming we provide. Your membership includes: 

  • Unlimited Crossfit Classes
  • Group style personal training
  • Top notch programmed workouts
  • Accountability 
  • Open Gym Hours
  • Specialty Classes: Olympic Lifting, Functional Performance, Competition Training, and Movement and Mobility 

Think about how much you spend on a cup of coffee or going out to eat per month. Crossfit is an investment in yourself to make a better, healthier you. 

What type of diet do you recommend?

There is no perfect “diet” or plan for eating. We recommend eating as “whole” as possible aka lean protein, vegetables, fruits, less processed foods, etc.

CrossFit Franklin’s nutrition program is not a fad diet or a quick, temporary  fix. Our plan facilitates a complete & enduring lifestyle change that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health goals. You will work with a skilled nutritional specialist to develop a healthy relationship with food. You will also learn how & what to eat so that you can use food to fuel your body & facilitate gains of strength & energy rather than those of weight & fatigue. 

How do I get started?

Contact MC Alexander at mc@teamfitnessfranklin.com