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"I tried a free class at CrossFit Franklin and never looked back. I have gotten stronger, faster and improved in every aspect of my fitness..." read more - Jenn Bobb

"There is a special magic at CrossFit Franklin. Everyone who spends time here understands what it's all about. If you get a taste of it... you'll be hooked too!..." read more - Denise Weaver

"CrossFit is not only for my mental health but it's the sense of belonging and looking out for each other that makes it special..." read more - Jayne Morgan

"After 10 months of CrossFit I am proud to say I have overcome many fears. I have achieved my first pull-up, first rope climb, lifted more weight that I could have imagined possible, increased my running ability, completed my first 5k and 10k obstacle course, gained control of my health, and improved my confidence..." read more - Ashley Robichaud